Venus Pineyro

About Venus Piñeyro

Founding member of The Inclusion Plus institute and the founder of Vector U.  They were both born out of the awareness that Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion build prosperity for people and companies and it fulfills her passion to democratize access for historically disadvantaged communities.

Learn from my trusted clients and loyal partners

"Venus is a smart, caring, and compassionate leader. She has a knack for individualizing her leadership style and building trust quickly. Her skills and experiences make her an asset to any organization looking to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment."

Tim Nelson

“Venus goes above and beyond to make sure the customer needs are met. Her IT knowledge, and 360 view of the solution makes her a great asset for any organization.”

Lahoussine Yassin

“She is a great leader for building teams/organizations and a fantastic facilitator when there are various viewpoints that need to come together into one vision. Venus also has exceptional, executive-level, communication and presentation skills.”

Kyle Province

Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.