Venus Pineyro

About Venus Piñeyro

Venus is the founder and CEO of The Inclusion Plus Institute and Vector U; she is passionate about building prosperity for people and companies through a deep awareness of individual and cultural differences that help global teams innovate together.

Organizations Venus leads

Founder and CEO

Creates innovative environments in organizations where everyone can contribute their full potential. The Inclusion Plus Institute makes the world better, one organization at a time.

SafeSpace Plus_LOGO

Founder and CEO

Create Safe Spaces, free from harassment and misconduct where everyone is respected.

Founder and CEO

Develops cultures where change is used strategically to enable market dominance, conflict is addressed in positive ways, and success is driven by a clear and adaptable strategy.

Founder and CEO

Inspires, and guides Latinas to thrive and succeed on their terms, amplifying Strong Latina stories and sharing tools for success.


Elevate, Engage, and Empower the Austin Latine Professional Community to lead with integrity in all industries and sectors.

Founding Board Member, Director of Community Engagement

Create a powerful community of Latina Leaders to succeed in executive roles at a global scale.

Organizations Venus serves

Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.