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Venus Piñeyro

Venus Piñeyro

On March 24 2018, I was at a group gathering where the question was asked:

“If these were the last words you were to share, what would you like to be remembered for?”

As the mother of a 7 year-old, that made me think hard. What would I want to tell Mia about life that would make a difference in how she lives and understands the world around her. I got home that night and thought really hard. This is what I would tell my beautiful daughter.

“Dear Mia,

Before you do anything else, develop this skill: Point your ears to yourself until you decipher the language of your heart, gut and soul. Fine tune your understanding and then connect your feet and hands to it so you may walk on your path and so you may mold your future to the image of the tune played by your being.

Forgive and release. Carrying the rocks of resentment weigh you down.

Practice laughing. It is a skill we tend to forget.

Look up at the sky as often as you remember and allow yourself to be marveled at its magnitude and expansiveness.

Take care of the child inside of you, it will always live in your heart and only you are responsible for its well-being.

Practice receiving, don’t deprive others of the gift of giving.

Though you undoubtedly must journey to the world of human achievement, never lose sight that today is the only place where joy lives.

Learn as early as possible not to label yourself and others. It is a dangerous shortcut to complacency and mis/under understanding.

Give your loved ones the gift of listening with your whole being. Your relationships will shine.

When in doubt, close your eyes and pay attention.

There will be times when you feel bad. Believe it is playing some part, allow yourself to feel it fully. It will pass and when it does have a double practice of laughter.

Always love yourself before anyone and anything else. It is the only way to be a well… overflowing for others instead of a pipe that gives and then remains empty.

Remember, life is but a string of todays. Be true, be real, be you.

Te amo chiquita.

Tu mami”

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