About Venus

Hola, I'm Venus Victoria Piñeyro De Hoyos.

I have lived in Austin, Texas since I was 21 when I was uprooted from my city of Monterrey, Mexico by Domestic Violence. I studied Economics at the University of Texas at Austin and through my personal dedication, the help of many, a dash of luck, and a healthy dose of strategy, I am now a thriving (almost) 50-year-old mother, spouse, and CEO of 2 organizations dedicated to advancing inclusive cultures.

Every opportunity is an option to grow

The canvas of my life is a torn, tattered, and beautifully colorful work of art. I am a seeker, and most gratifyingly I am also a finder. In my mid-30’s I found a meditation practice that has given me many tastes of bliss, in my late 30’s a little girl chose me to be her mother and taught me what it is like to light every cell in my body with fierce love, and now in my late 40’s I met a partner who uses every breath to uplift me and upon whom I rest my head at night knowing I don’t have to do everything alone.

I have experienced shame, fear, pain, and persecution, and yet I am aware, marking every day with the thousands of beats of my heart, amplified by the heartbeat of all those around me.


My vision and strategy

Founding member of The Inclusion Plus institute and the founder of Vector U. They were both born out of the awareness that Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion build prosperity for people and companies and it fulfills her passion to democratize access for historically disadvantaged communities. She is a strategic thinker, problem solver, and knowledge integrator that uses leadership coaching and alternative conflict resolution (mediation) to provide innovative solutions for individuals and organizations. Venus spent over 15 years in leadership positions at Facebook, General Motors, and Dell using the power of data to solve diverse and complex business problems across a variety of functions (HR, CX, Marketing, Sales, and Finance).

She defined and led multi-million global transformation projects unifying cross-cultural virtual teams to deliver mission-critical objectives. During this time she often facilitated needs assessment, serving as the single voice for diverse stakeholders from executives to individual contributors.

She is a certified Project Manager who has coached dozens of junior PMs.Her interest in teaching behavioral skills to solve problems has led her to become a certified Myers-Briggs practitioner, Mediator/Arbitrator, and Leadership Coach.

She believes that awareness and focused (short-term) interventions can lead to increased productivity in teams, the developing of mature leadership capabilities, and enhancing effective communication across all levels in an organization.

She is an advocate to end domestic violence and has worked to increase the representation of underserved communities in tech through her service on the boards of local non-profit organizations. Finally, Venus believes our individual journey is unique and through practicing our talents and understanding our personal truth, we contribute to a stronger, more united global community.