Venus Pineyro

Keynote Speaker

Venus Piñeyro is a transformational speaker on diversity and inclusion, leadership, and cultural intelligence. She is recognized for bringing high-impact, caring, and results-producing workshops/training to diverse audiences.

With more than over 15 years in leadership positions, her inspirational message spoke directly to the heart of all individuals and companies seeking to achieve heightened performance through leadership development and DE&I.

She is a strategic thinker, problem solver, and knowledge integrator that uses leadership coaching and alternative conflict resolution (mediation) to provide innovative solutions for individuals and organizations.

I can inspire your team with these topics and more.

How to avoid the pitfalls of bringing your authentic self to the workplace

You have the power: Max your ally ship capabilities through your cultural experience

The glass ceiling the glass slope and the glass slipper

Your personal brand, the power of knowing and declaring yourself

Paying it forward, backward, and sideways: Ally ship in all its the forms.

Cultural Competence in a Global Environment

Psychological safety

Organizational agility

Inclusion and innovation

Why choose me as your next speaker?

When it comes to the success of your next event, choosing your keynote speaker is one of the most important choices you make.

I can help you create a unique and memorable experience that will inspire your employees, customers, or colleagues.  It’s not just about the words in my speech – it’s about your success, and I look forward to helping you achieve

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